The Expert Guide

This change tool incorporates an online and real time dashboard with integrated and prefigured online surveys. It is an easy to use application in any business

How many respondents do you plan to involve?

   up to 299 respondents.

See how the Expert Guide will make your life easier...

Monitor your change idea and be in charge

  • Simple and practically applicable structure and evidence-based insights of the various steps of a change process
    • Helps you to get started
    • Helps you to execute the different stages of the Timeline
    • The feedback information presented in the dashboard helps you with detailed insights about the evolution of the change process

Predictability of success or failure

  • You will get a founded impression at a glance whether your idea will be successful or whether you need to go back to the drawing board?

What do people really think of your new idea?

  • Valuable Off stage opinions become On stage
  • Because of 100% Anonymity: the respondent is not identifiable, reachable, or trackable
  • No Censorship

Expert View as a professional guide

  • Operates as a hidden back support during challenging periods of difficulty

Personal Mirror as a trigger

  • Personal expert feedback on survey's will activate spontaneously social interaction among respondents

Flexible toolkit

  • Customer needs can be fulfilled easily because a situational approach is supported
  • Stages can be used in free order

Quick View life-data

  • Detailed impressions in a glance
  • The change owner underpins her/his first feelings with well-constructed data- and comments overviews

See how the Expert Guide will make your life easier...

Operational applicable scientific knowledge becomes payable

  • The community who payed for science will be rewarded for their contribution in a pragmatic way for a democratic price
  • You pay peanuts and a get a state of the art change tool. Scientifically proven, easy to use and pragmatic


  • The Expert Guide and the Expert Views are language-agnostic. Whenever employees need to give input or feedback they can choose the language they prefer most
  • For instance in all the surveys

State of the art dashboard

  • You will see immediately where the painful trigger points or the positive leverages are located

Predefined Scientific Survey's

  • No worries about formulation and scientific rigour
  • Supplementary Questions available for personal use

Mobile friendly

  • Wherever you go, you will be able to continuously monitor the developments of your idea

Integrated e-mail service

  • Administrative tasks are taken out of your hands by means of automatically created reminder e-mails to respondents who have not yet responded to the invitation to fill in the survey

Online and real time

  • At any time and any place the expert guide will provide you with the latest actual change information with no delays

Easy to delegate

  • Project assistants and team members can be invited easily to participate.
Batches Max. respondents admitted Price excl. VAT
1 299 € 299,-
2 598 € 598,-
3 897 € 897,-
4 1196 € 1.196,-
5 1495 € 1.495,-
... ... ...

Batch Unit price of € 299 (Excl. VAT) is up to a batch of 299 respondents

  • You will be able to upload up to a maximum of 299 e-mail addresses.
  • Example: If the total number of respondents or employees will be 400, select 2 batches. In this case you will be able to upload up to a maximum of 598 e-mail addresses.
  • Because of the personal input needed the different stages can be used once for a particular idea, concept or change project.


The change processes are simple and explicit with deep respect to human adoption rates and human translation processes.
All parties are aware in advance of what will happen.

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Catwalk Show
Catwalk Rating
Creation Stage Survey
Fashion Leader selection
WEEK 3 - 16:
Mirror Show
Mirror Rating
WEEK 4 - 8
Stage 1: Potential Fashion
Stage 1 Survey W7
Fashion Leaders
Meeting W8
WEEK 9 - 12
Stage 2: Fashion
Stage 2 Survey W11
Fashion Leaders
Meeting W12
WEEK 13 - 16
Stage 3: Fashion Trend
Stage 3 Survey W15
Fashion Leaders
Meeting W16
WEEK 16 - 17:
Laggard Stage Survey W16
Laggard Show W17