To challenge the myth of the 70%

A myth is a nonsense story that a group of people share. Namely, 70% of the change projects fail. Managers and executives are bad change agents and they don't have it or don't have it sufficiently at their fingertips. They don't have the necessary skills they need to get it done.
A myth always contains a moral, a wise lesson and that is in this case: be sure not to get started with change initiatives by yourself and absolutely hire expensive change consultants to tell you what you already know.

We would like to disclaim this myth

Apart from our own doubts about this magic number, it appears that the scientific publications claiming such a high rate of failure, and based on empirical evidence collected by the authors themselves, are relatively scarce.

Sometimes, we wonder if this image is not created and consciously maintained by parties to benefit themselves.

We want to challenge the discourse of change management... to think dissimilarly

In our humble opinion, managers and directors are best able to spread new ideas, concepts, visions, and so on within their organization, and to adopt them by their employees. Of course they hire project managers to do the hard labor. That’s no problem at all.

What they need more than ever is a simple and practically applicable change theory that provides them grip, structure and insights.

100% Independent Scientific Research

Fashioning-Change is a financially independent research institute with independent scientists who pursues scientific study without direct affiliation to a public institution or commercial organization. Self-funding has the disadvantage that funds might be more restricted; however, it permits Fashioning-Change to have greater control over the direction of the research, as funding bodies direct grants towards interests that might not coincide with that of Fashioning-Change. Last but least, independent scientists may publish results in the same peer-reviewed journals as funded scientists do.

100% Anonymity

It is of high importance to us that the respondent is not identifiable, reachable, or trackable throughout the change process.

100% Data Ownership: Our Pledge

Fashioning-Change pledges to respect your privacy, to be transparent about our data practices, to keep your data safe, to never sell your personal data, and to only collect data that helps us improve our products and services.

Fully guaranteed by

dr. Stefan F. Mondelaers