"Fashion" and "Change Management"... what's the deal?

Years of research showed a striking analogy between trends in the Fashion industry and business processes alike. Due to this, we adopted fashion terminology and aspects to build tooling and provide knowledge to ease transitions for your change project. For more detail on this resemblance and how it can help your business, see 'Why Fashioning-Change'.

Is there any scientific backing for the Fashioning-Change methodology

Most certainly! The Fashioning-Change approach has had many success-stories and follows the scientific ideas of Dr. Stefan F. Mondelaers whom graduated on this topic in March 2015 . Please visit the scientific fundamentals section to get more information.

Leading a change project appears to be overwhelming. Who's there to help me?

You may have been appointed as a project manager or change owner for your business, but you might not yet have gained full confidence on how and where to start to make the project's change successful.
That's perfectly normal, and we are here to help. Without any doubt, our Expert Guide and its accompanying GET STARTED will prove to be an invaluable tool for you. On top of that, we can provide additional services to help you with your change project.

How can I get involved with Fashioning-Change?

As a change owner or project manager for your business, we provide all the tools you need for your change project: simply purchase The Expert Guide, and you will benefit from all we have to offer.
Looking for academic research opportunities or an internship? Please send us an e-mail and we will contact you asap.

How do I buy the Fashioning Change Expert Guide

Go to The Expert Guide section of the website and click the Yellow Buy Now button.

What happens if I can't use the expert guide immediately after buying the application?

The expert guide remains valid at all times.
We will continue to make improvements and update the expert guide. These updates and improvements will automatically be implemented in your unused version.

I don't know how to start?

After you have paid the expert guide you will get immediate access to the entire tool.
Go to the Get Started section and we'll help you to get started step by step.


I have paid but the download doesn't work? Send an email to Product Support.

How often can I download the expert guide?

As often as you need the expert guide or parts of it. There is no limitation to the number of downloads.