How do you keep my data safe and who can access it?

We employ the highest privacy standards and guarantee absolute security and anonymity in data security to keep your personal and project data safe, adhering to at least GDPR directives. Only a few people who are maintaining and developing the Fashioning-Change infrastructure have - varying degree of - data-access. Besides that, you are the only one who may access your own data.
Read more on this in our Privacy Policy.

Are payment transactions and -data kept secure?

Payment transactions are carried out at PCI-DSS certified 3rd party Mollie BV. As a result we don't see nor do we store any of your payment transaction information.

Where is my data stored?

All data is stored within EU. More specifically, at a datacenter location in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

What do you mean with "100% anonymous"?

Information you enter will never be shown to your peers as coming from you. Unless you give up on your anonymity deliberately.

Will you use my project generated data?

To further enhance our products we may analyze your data. Also, for research goals we may gather certain metrics, but we will never include any personal information.
Before any publication it will be scrutinized meticulously to anonymize every aspect. Read more about it in our Privacy Policy.

Do you use cookies?

Yes we do, but just those needed to allow you to make use of the site. Also we may use cookies to perform basic site traffic analysis. Read more about it in our cookie-use policy.